It started out like this…

We married in the fall of 2003. Warm earth tones danced in the gleam of sunset. He was nervous. Like a statue getting ready to come alive. I walked between this side of chairs and that side of chairs. Our union seemed off. I didn’t notice it before, but a feather of unease rested inside my chest, or as if a small creature had stirred in its sleep.

Is that why we are what we are, now?

After our “I do”s and “I love you”s, we went inside the reception hall. We decorated it ourselves. We invited two hundred people. Eighteen showed up. I guess we weren’t as affluent as we had hoped to be in our small town with one light. Out of fifty songs, three inspired others to meander to the dance floor.

And then the gifts. Duplicate kitchenware, cheap and not so cheap appliances, soft blankets, second hand decor, and…a noose.


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